[cups.general] RE: CUPS issue on my G-5

Hawker, Daniel Daniel.Hawker at animal.co.uk
Wed Apr 13 01:52:04 PDT 2005

> I can get to the NetInfo/Manager but I don't know what to do. 
> How do I edit the cupsd.conf file?
> I see:local host/ (under that are several choices:
> afpuser_aliases
> aliases
> groups
> machines
> mounts
> networks
> printers
> protocols
> rpcs
> services
> users)
> I thought maybe CUPS would be with pinters, but nothing is 
> there. Then I thought maybe it's a "users" type thing, which 
> has many choices, but none are CUPS.
> I'm sorry to be such a pain, but where is the cupsd.conf 
> file... and what do I do when I find it?


Within the NetInfo Manager (sorry am sat at one of those horrrible
Windows things, so this is from memory) there are the usual menus along
the top (NetInfo Manager | File | Edit etc, etc). One of them contains,
IIRC, Authenticate and Enable Root User (or something along these
lines). Click and enter the appropriate entries in the true easy-to-use
Apple style :)

>From the post from Matt, however it looks like this may not help and
you'll have to apply his patch or similar to circumvent the problem.

FYI cupsd.conf is the main config file for the CUPS daemon and is hence
a system file. In OSX its hidden away from prying eyes so the casual
user can't make a mess of it. On my RHEL3 box its in /etc/cups/ but as
mentioned am not near an OSX box to look. From the Terminal, use locate
to find out where the file is located.

Remember that the usual Apple Printer Setup Utility also edits this file
when you use the utility, so any changes you make are likely to get
overwritten when used, killing your carefully crafted config file. This
is especially the case with System Updates.


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