How can I query the printer properties

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Wed Apr 13 03:56:04 PDT 2005


thank you for your prompt reply!
> Hi,
> On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 04:20:45AM -0400, d.obermann at wrote:
> > how can I query the properties of the default printer.
> > What I want is to find out the default page size of the
> > default printer.
> For the printer itself, maybe npadmin can be of some use to you.
Now I compiled and tried it out, but I did not get any info of my printer with npadmin

> See :
> This may help you know which values the printer will use by default,
> and/or which values are supported
> That being said, the default page size used by your applications
> is probably defined in the PPD.
But I do not get a ppd with the cups-API for my default printer, because it seams to be a raw pipe (ps printer).
So I have to comunicate directly with the printer?

(in this paper there is something with "media-default"
So probably I have to get it somehow with
but I did not have any success with it.

bye David

> bye
> Jerome Alet

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