cups 1.1.23 & clients

Anonymous anonymous at
Wed Apr 13 11:48:47 PDT 2005


I have an Optra R hooked up to my "server" via
lpt1, and it works fine from the machine itself.

It worked fine on my old server (slackware 8.1)
but I can't seem to get the new install (Slack 10.1,
my old server died) to work.  Can't remember which
version of cups the old server had :}

I've set-up browsing correctly (I think, I can
see the printer from other machines) but can't
print to it.

The error messages are something like:
d [10/Apr/2005:17:21:13 +1200] select_timeout: 30 seconds to send browse update
d [10/Apr/2005:17:21:20 +1200] AcceptClient(lis=0x8087e80) 0 NumClients = 0
D [10/Apr/2005:17:21:20 +1200] AcceptClient: 5 from diggn:631.
d [10/Apr/2005:17:21:20 +1200] AcceptClient: Adding fd 5 to InputSet...
d [10/Apr/2005:17:21:20 +1200] ReadClient: 5, used=0, file=-1
E [10/Apr/2005:17:21:20 +1200] Bad request line "<80><8C>^A^C^A" from diggn!
D [10/Apr/2005:17:21:20 +1200] SendError: 5 code=400 (Bad Request)
D [10/Apr/2005:17:21:20 +1200] CloseClient: 5

and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Any hints?


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