[cups.general] RE: CUPS issue on my G-5

Matt Broughton walterwego at macosx.com.invalid
Thu Apr 14 07:08:00 PDT 2005

In article <21015-cups.general at news.easysw.com>,
 "Hawker, Daniel" <Daniel.Hawker at animal.co.uk> wrote:

> As mentioned, am not sat at an OSX box, however with 10.3.x the main
> Printer software utilises CUPS and hence uses the usual gammut of CUPS
> based config files, (cupsd.conf, printers.conf, et al) in its operation.
> Unless they are including an additional  *apple cups conf file* in the
> cupsd.conf file somewhere, the Apple printer admin app must surely read
> and write to these files.

OK.  I took your previous post literally when you indicated that Printer 
Setup Utility would alter the cupsd.conf file ("this file").  I know of 
no action through the GUI that alters this particular file.  

Yes, the Printer Setup Utility does write to /etc/printers.conf, 
/etc/ppd, /etc/classes.conf.

Matt Broughton
Only relatives are absolute.

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