cups doesn't show new ppd-driver copied to /usr/share/cups/model/Brother/

Andre Doeking doeking at
Thu Apr 14 12:19:04 PDT 2005

> I copied the the driver  /media/dvd/ger/Nt40/BROMF916.PPD   to
> /usr/share/cups/model/Brother/, I renamed it to BROMF916.ppd and I
> zipped it. But cups doesn't want to display it at localhost:631.
> Why? Which criteria has ppd-file to fullfill that it is displayed?
> Suse 9.2
> thx
> Ekkard


I had the same problem, but the solution should be very easy.

After copying a ppd file into the /usr/share/cups/model folder, you have to restart the cups service, then cups recognized the ppd file. It's equal whether you zip this ppd file or not.

i.e.: /etc/init.d/cupsd restart

Then the ppd model should appear in the cups webinterface, I hope so :-)


Andre Döking

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