No job gets through the queue

Luis Roalter luis at
Sat Apr 16 04:43:17 PDT 2005

Hi Folks,

i've a problem since a long time ago. When I used cups (it was 1.1.19) with my HP Deskjet on the local LPT Port everything worked more or less fine.
Since I use a printerserver to share my printer in a stressless way cups won't sent jobs anymore. Anything started by the way with the 1.1.20 afaik.
To fix problems with some incompatible systemlibraries I reinstalled and reconfigured my basesystem, installed
- CUPS 1.1.23
- gimpprint 4.2.7
- ESP Ghostscript 7.07.1

Package installation worked fine. The problem is an other one:
When sending a page (via lpr or "Print Testpage") the queue is still empty, the queue of completed jobs shows

laser-1   	Test Page  root 15k cancelled at Sat Apr 16 12:38:38
laser-2  	Test Page  root	15k cancelled at Sat Apr 16 12:40:44 laser-3  	Test Page  root	15k cancelled at Sat Apr 16 12:51:33

The job is immediatly deleted! I've found similar posts, but no solution.

My printer is accessed via lpd://printer/L1 and lpd://printer/L2.
Printer from Printerserver works; but to check the connection I've installed an other uri, file:/tmp/output.prn. After having enabled it in cupsd.conf (normally disabled) the same error occured.

Printing from a virtual machine or from my local xp partition the printer are accessed via NetBEUI and that works.

Please help me! I've to print many documents for university! thx guys.

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