cups-pdf "#define CPOUT "/mount/samba/homes/%U" ???

ip.guy at ip.guy at
Sun Apr 17 22:43:07 PDT 2005

hi al

just a very quick question as i was not able to find any documentation re "cups-pdf" variables in the "cups-pdf.h" (aside from "$HOME", which doesn't work as expected when Samba is setup as a domain member server to a 2000/NT PDC)

The $HOME variable makes "cups-pdf" output all pdf printouts to "/home/cups/domain+username"  (the + is the winbind seperator) but the windows user is just "username"

When Samba is setup as a Domain Member server to a 2000/NT DC, the user home directories are NOT located under /$HOME/CUPS/USERNAME, the homes dir's can be located anywhere in the file system

our homes dir's are located under "/mount/samba/homes/$USERNAME" (without domain+, just username)

does "cups-pdf" understand the Samba %U variable as known by Samba and used in smb.conf ?

ideally, i would like "cups-pdf" to be able to use the %U samba variable so no matter where the users homes are located, the PDF file can be sent to there home dir, as an example

   #define CPOUT "/mount/samba/homes/%U"

this way, the output path (without the domain part) in the username is set to "/mount/samba/homes/username/"

i hope this makes sense.

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