[cups.general] printer queue stops on print error

William Bear bear at umn.edu
Mon Apr 18 12:37:43 PDT 2005


I've been having an issue with cups-1.1.22 on RHEL 4.  I've googled, and 
search the doc, but I can't find anything.  When a remote network 
printer drops a connection (or other printer error), even briefly, cups 
stops the printer queue until you manually restart the queue.  I assume 
this is a feature to stop jobs from being sent to down or malfunctioning 
printers.  Can you disable this feature? 

We have some old network wire in our building, and sometimes printers 
drop the connection.  We would like the queue to remain and keep trying 
the printer.  We don't want to give users access to start and stop 
queues, but we also don't want to restart the queues everytime a 
connection is dropped.



William S. Bear
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School of Mathematics
University of Minnesota
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