[cups.general] printer queue stops on print error

William Bear bear at umn.edu
Tue Apr 19 08:42:12 PDT 2005

I created a very basic bash script (in line) for cron to enable and 
disabled queues.  I hope there is a better way.



for i in $(lpstat -p|grep disabled|cut -d' ' -f2); do echo "Enabled $i"; /usr/bin/cupsenable $i; done
for i in $(lpstat -a|grep not|cut -d' ' -f1); do echo "Accepting $i"; /usr/sbin/cupsaccept $i; done

ekkard gerlach wrote:

> William Bear wrote:
>> I've been having an issue with cups-1.1.22 on RHEL 4.  I've googled, 
>> and search the doc, but I can't find anything.  When a remote network 
>> printer drops a connection (or other printer error), even briefly, 
>> cups stops the printer queue until you manually restart the queue.  I 
>> assume 
> I've the same problem with CUPS 1.1.21 (Suse 9.2)! My customers get
> angry calling me permanently to enable printer queues. Please 
> developers, implement a function that stops disabling! Otherwise I 
> have to avoid CUPS where I can and replace it by samba.
> (In my case cups is printing to a lpd host)
> Perhaps somebody here has a script that checks all printer queue 
> states and enables all printers that are disabled? Aim is to run the 
> script as cronjob.
> tia
> Ekkard
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