[cups.general] adjusting the huge width of the completed jobs page

Antoon Frehe antoon at cobalt.et.tudelft.nl
Wed Apr 20 07:52:41 PDT 2005


After another frustrating search in the completed jobs web page I had
yet another look at the system and found there was a way to tweak the
html code after all.

If you select the "Show Completed Jobs" page you will see jobs on a
per line basis. The width of the resulting table is OK unless you have
a really big file name which happens often if you print stuff from a

The file "/usr/share/cups/templates/jobs.tmpl" contains the basis for
the html code. I tried to limit the width of the TD box for the name
but that didn't work. Now I add an href around the name. All jobs now
have a small dummy name but i can still see the name if i want to by
moving my cursor over it. I seldom need the name for the job anyway.


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