hp-ux client and raw printer (text only jobs)

xyko at ipiranga.com.br xyko at ipiranga.com.br
Tue Apr 26 14:46:49 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I’m facing problems printing text only jobs from a HP-UX server.

The HP-UX queue is defined as remote, pointing to my CUPS Server running  cups 1:1.1.20-11.11.i386 on a Fedora Core 2.

On CUPS I have a queue defined as raw pointing to a socket printer (JetDirect model FX170) and the printer is a Dot Matrix Elgin EE818.

The problem is : when I send the job from hp-ux direct to the printer (jetdirect) everything is fine, but when I send the job to the CUPS server and the server sends to the printer the alignment of the report is wrong.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.

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