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bernd at rhm.de bernd at rhm.de
Tue Apr 26 15:23:41 PDT 2005

> Hello,
> On Apr 26 08:02 bernd at rhm.de wrote (shortened):
> > why does cups leave the printer in a state which is
> > "Print file sent, waiting for printer to finish".
> > This behavior came up the first time in SuSE 9.2 (Cups Version 1.21).
> > Nothing goes wrong, the printer prints the next job
> > although Cups thinks the job before isn't completed.
> Isn't it perhaps only the last stderr message from a filter
> or more likely from the backend (which backend do you use?)
> which is not discarded by an empty stderr message?

Thanks Johannes, (nice to see a backend, never looked in one)

you ask which backend we use. The printer is defined as socket://...
That backend comes with cups, rigth?

But we have to look at our sysV scripts. They end up in the following lines:
cat ${TMP_FILE2}\
    | foomatic-rip --ppd ${sed_dir}/${model}.ppd \
                              | tee /var/log/lp/${model}-foo.out
rm -f ${TMP_FILE2}
exit 0

I don't see something going to stderr, our does foomatic-rip???

Bernd Rieke

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