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bernd at rhm.de bernd at rhm.de
Wed Apr 27 03:17:52 PDT 2005

Johannes, thank you for your thread below. Now it's clear what happens. I'll write my own one-liner backend with netcat :-). Mayby we can see as well what's the reason for the mixed printjobs. Short documents sent to printers without internal memory are printed in a chaotic order....

And thanks for tracking down the problem to the bits, not usual in newsgroups these days....

Greetings Bernd Rieke

> Hello,
> On Apr 26 18:23 bernd at rhm.de wrote (shortened):
> > The printer is defined as socket://...
> strings /usr/lib/cups/backend/socket | grep 'waiting for printer'
> results:
> INFO: Print file sent, waiting for printer to finish...
> I.e. the message is sent from the backend but it is not
> overwritten by an empty message before the backend finishes
> with zero exit code.
> If you don't want to simply ignore it, you can either patch and
> re-compile the backend (complicated) or you make your own backend
> for plain TCP socket data transfer (easy).
> If you make your own backend as a bash script, you can use
> for example "netcat" to do the plain TCP socket data transfer.
> Kind Regards
> Johannes Meixner
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