Windows 2000 Sharing of CUPS printer?

hallstein hallstein at
Wed Apr 27 06:43:58 PDT 2005

Windows 2000 Sharing of CUPS printer?

I've had so much trouble in trying to use LDAP in SAMBA, that I now use Windows to share my printers (large domains, and several domains with trusts seem to break samba etc). Anyways, please respect my choice there.. :)   I am now trying to set up a SHARE on my Windows 2000 server, that will share a Cups-printer using the IPP protocol.

- I need Windows sharing, for changing all security options (we modify this all the time).
- I need Cups for saving into our SQL server that contain all printed pages/jobs per user. So we can use statistics, and to be alerted when a user prints too much..

In Windows, I want to share a IPP printer, but I cannot find that protocol when using "add a local printer".

However, if I first add a NETWORK printer using the URL http://myserver/printername, then I can access it.

BUT, as a Network printer, I cannot share it. It says that it's not supported.

Okay, now I try again for the Local printer, and the printer port  "http://myserver/printername" now appears in the local ports lists. I try to add a printer driver to that one, and it seem to work okay. But, I can still not share it!

When trying to share, I get the error:
"Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed."

Anybody have a clue of I can make it work?
The printer URL http://myserver is a Cups server.

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