[cups.general] cannot login to manage Printers from the Web

Klaus Singvogel kssingvo at suse.de
Wed Apr 27 10:55:15 PDT 2005

Anonymous wrote:
> I want to manage Printers from the Web.
> I go to website
> http://localhost:631/admin
> It prompts me for user id and password.
> I enter the user id "root" and the root password for the workstation.
> This error message appear:
> "Unauthorized
> This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the resource."
> What should be the correct user id and password?
> I use SuSE 9.0
> I install cups by "YaST Control Center", "Install and Remove Software", "cups" and enable all cups packages.

In a terminal window, like xterm, you should add the admin user
to the passwd of the printing system:
	su root
	lpadmin -a root

Note 1: you can choose any account name here, like "printadmin". But
after a while you might have forgotten the name, so "root" might not
be a bad choice. :-)

Note 2: you should better not to choose the same password for the
printer admin accout, as root has. As it might be trasmitted
unencrypted on the network later.

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