cannot login to manage Printers from the Web

Anonymous anonymous at
Wed Apr 27 11:24:36 PDT 2005

> I want to manage Printers from the Web.
> I go to website
> http://localhost:631/admin
> It prompts me for user id and password.
> I enter the user id "root" and the root password for the workstation.
> This error message appear:
> "Unauthorized
> This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the resource."
> What should be the correct user id and password?
> I use SuSE 9.0
> I install cups by "YaST Control Center", "Install and Remove Software", "cups" and enable all cups packages.

Open a terminal window, su to become root, then type 'lppasswd -a root'
You will be asked to enter a password twice; this can be any password, but for simplicity you can make it the same as the normal root password. Now you can log into CUPS administration by using 'root' and the password you just specified.
lppasswd -a root

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