Problem with 'pdftops' filter

Julien Bossert anonymous at
Thu Apr 28 01:31:37 PDT 2005


When printing a PDF file the content of the page is shifted more or
18 mm to the top of the paper and 3 mm to the left.  Here is a sketch:

   +-----+     +-ABC-+
   |     |     | DEF |
   | ABC |     | GHI |
   | DEF |     |     |
   | GHI |     |     |
   |     |     |     |
   +-----+     +-----+

I obtain what appears on the right: the top part of the page is
and there's a blank at the bottom of the paper.

I'm using CUPS 1.1.23 (Debian Sarge) on my Brother HL-5150D.

This happens with every kind of PDF files (produced by me with
softwares or downloaded from the web).  Moreover, when using Scribus
instance, if I export a PS file the printing is good, but if I export
a PDF one it fails.

Then I made a little test:

    mpage -1 -bA4 test >    OK
    ps2pdf t2.pdf      Shifted
    pdftops t2.pdf         Shifted
    pdf2ps t2.pdf          OK

Tests with other PDF files show that 'pdf2ps' allows me to print those
files correctly.

Does it mean that the 'xpdf' based 'pdftops' CUPS filter behaves wrong
in my case?  Did anyone had the same problem?  How can I solve it?  Do
I have to replace the filter by a 'ghostscript' based one?

Thanks a lot,

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