[cups.general] CUPS "prints" two blank pages before text

Ken Heard ken at heard.name
Thu Apr 28 06:52:06 PDT 2005

My problem is that in all my applications (Mozilla Navigator and 
Messenger, OpenOffice, KDE Konqueror, etc.) CUPS "prints" two blank 
pages before it starts to print pages with text on them.  How do I stop 
this particular annoyance?

I have just installed a D-Link DP-300U print server.  Before I installed 
it I used LPR/LPRng; now I want to use CUPS.  My CUPS version is 1.1.17; 
my platform Red Hat 8.0 with kernel 4.2.20-28.8 in a P4 box.

When I finally figured out how to address the server and printers using 
CUPS, I was only able to print the part of the test page on several 
pages. The first printed page contained only the top fifth of the test 
page; the second the next fifth; and then the printer output was a 
series of blank pages -- I do not know how many in all as I stopped the 
process before CUPS did.

Unless and until this problem is solved I am continuing to use LPR/LPRng.

				Ken Heard
				Toronto, Canada

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