Trouble printing from Windows directly to Cups

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at
Thu Apr 28 19:11:32 PDT 2005

> If you're using the XP driver (that sends application/octet-stream), you
> need to send it to a "raw" print queue (i.e. a print queue without an
> associated PPD file).  You will still need your existing print queue
> (with PPD) to print from Linux.

I've attempted to do that.  I've created new print queue, and marked it as raw.  I've pointed WinXP box to this new spool.  And got same results (or lack of them, to be more precise).  I've bumped LogLevel to debug2, and I can see from log files that cupsd received the job, that the job was destined for print queue that is raw, no errors, no warnnings, and not a single byte sent to the printer device?!  Should I reopen that bug ticket?

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