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Helge Blischke h.blischke at
Fri Apr 29 09:37:56 PDT 2005

colin at wrote:
> I have an old postscript printer that doesn't have very much memory.  This unfortunely leads to many documents not printing.
> I have a similar problem when printing from within windows.  However, in windows I can chose the options to print the document as an image.  e.g. convert the document to an image before sending to the printer.
> Is this possible with CUPS? if so, how?

Not by default, AFAIK, but you may set up a filter script which calls
Ghostscript using
the psgray or psrgb device (depending on if your printer does colors or
The resulting ouput is a PS stream one image per page.


Helge Blischke
SRZ Berlin | Firmengruppe besscom

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