Script for accounting

apkwa takaanna at
Wed Apr 6 00:33:01 PDT 2005

> Not sure if ifhp could be used directly, however you could use accsnmp which should
> work with most network printers.
> You'll find a link to accsnmp on CUPS' website. It depends on Perl.
> As an alternative you could use a framework like Tea4CUPS with has no dependency
> beside Python. Tea4CUPS allows you to launch an unlimited number of scripts or
> commands (your own or third parties' ones), before, after or during the job's datas
> are sent to the real printer. Tea4CUPS now provides a way for your own scripts to
> cancel the print job at will, making the implementation of your own print quota
> solution as easy as you want it :-)
> Tea4CUPS :
> NB : Tea4CUPS is only made of a standalone and self contained Python script, and
> a configuration file.
> hth
> Jerome Alet

I saw Tea4Cups news on the main page but I've never been curious enough to read what it's for.
I'll have a look to this, but I think it's helpful.

Thanks a lot.

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