Raster Low Quality

Andrew punfer at rambler.ru
Wed Apr 13 07:26:46 PDT 2005

I used the cups-1.1.23 code (imagetoraster.c, rastertoepson.c etc...)
- as filter to produce raw Esc/P 2 data for the Epson Stylus Photo R200 printer - on the base of the supplied stphoto.ppd file.

All worked alright except I only got rather mediocre image quality.
Besides it rather looked like the resolution had nothing to do with the problem: something like rather crude rasterization grid/pattern was clearly seen at any (720 dpi for instance) resolution.

Perhaps anybody could tell me whether it's an intrinsic limitation of the implementation or it could be solved somehow (for instance by getting a more specific ppd for the printer model or by correcting it somehow - however unlike it does seem considering the code).

I'd greatly appreciate any ideas - I've already parsed the source code to a considerable extent so I expect to get quite specific ones too.

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