RTL_PJL did not work

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Wed Apr 13 13:08:25 PDT 2005

fraz wrote:
> When I build a drive for rtl plotter I try to use the $RTL_PJL constant, but it didn't worked.
> So I used the number 1.
> --8<--- dsgnjt750c.drv ---
> ModelNumber ($RTL_PJL)
> --8<--- dsgnjt750c.drv ---
> fraz at george:~/src/cupsddk> ppdc  dsgnjt750c.drv
> ppdc: Undefined variable (RTL_PJL) on line 16 of dsgnjt750c.drv.
> Should I post a str?

Did you include the RTL driver definitions in your .drv file with:

     #include <rtl.h>


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