Filter problem ???

Anonymous anonymous at
Fri Apr 15 01:36:50 PDT 2005

> A line in my debug :
> D [15/Mar/2005:19:27:38 +0100] [Job 230] /usr/libexec/cups/filter/fierycupsfilter: No such file or directory
> Can someone tell me what it's happen with this filter ?
> Thank's a lot.

you are using a ppd from a fierybased printer such as cancon clc3200 or so,...

in mac os x there exist such a filter, but only if you have installed the fiery printer driver for it.

in this case the OS X ppd is not compatible with CUPS on Linux!!!
i've searched long time for such filter, but i can't find a version for linux.
so if you find one please contact me :-)

i always use the windows ppd, because ppds from os x driver (which are also cups based) sometimes uses their own factorybuild filter instead of standardfilters. some lexmark printers also have their own filters.


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