USB blockade

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Sun Apr 17 08:29:18 PDT 2005

Using cups-1.1.23-r1 on Gentoo linux with a Brother HL-5150D (PPD obtained from driver cd) I experience the following problem.

1) Print a document.
2) Cancel it using kjobviewer or /usr/bin/cancel
3) Press cancel button (HL-5150D) or print already received data. Doesn't matter.
4) Start a second job.

Now nothing happens. The printer does not respond anymore. Stopping, restarting the printer or its queue does not change that. Neither does any button on the printer.
The only option is to unplug/plug the usb cable or to powercycle the printer.

That is not quite convenient having the printer a different room.

What I found out so far.

1) IPP report says: USB printer is busy. Retrying in 5 secs..
2) ps ax says: a process named usb://Brother/HL-5150D%20series is still running. Every attempt to kill it fails.
So the whole port is blocked and all further jobs wait forever.

What can we do about that?


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