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Anonymous anonymous at
Mon Apr 18 13:22:06 PDT 2005

Hi all,
I am a new user of Cups. I am trying to use jipsi. My aim is
"Server side printing". All the requests will come to Application server and application server will send job to Cups.

1. I need to configure Cups to send jobs to Windows print server. How I should achive this?

2. When I try to send a job to Cups (from another linux Redhat- 3.0 enterprise version), I am unable to get the services. Am I missing something? (When same code works fine if it also sits on same machine. i.e. the code requesting for print services and Cups printer are on same machine. I am using IPP and Samba.)

3. When I try to print a postscript file, (say, Cups is using filter on it and hence the printer could not understand the file and will not print. I understand that I need to send job to raw printer. But my problem is that same printer should be used for both pdf and postscript. How can I achive this?

4. How to configure (using command and not GUI) all the printers available on windows print server? Do I need to write script for each printer? Do I need to associate a ppd for each printer?

5. Is Cups a good solution for server side printing? I am trying to use it because I dont know which print server client will be using. Hence I am writing code for CUps so that I can configure the Cups to desired print server.

Please reply to this... I am desperatly waiting for reply


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