lpd broken since 1.1.15 :-((

Orlando Muñoz omunoz at tec.dsr.telecom.pt
Tue Apr 19 02:21:57 PDT 2005

So now it breaks software that follows the standard, like the lpd implementation of RedHat 6.2... Nice move... M1cro$oft like...

I have an old P100 machine using RH 6.2 and lpd, connected to my parallel printer. I could print to it correctly using the LPR client from my Winblows XPlode, but my Linux machine couldn't...

Dear Sirs: if there is an RFC1179 saying that the LPD should only accept jobs comming from ports 721 to 731, you should make that the default. Users with non-standard instalations should have the possibility of overriding the default, but the default should be the standard!

I had the same problem with an AXIS 540+, and never figured out what was the problem, and finaly gave up on the damn thing. So I printed from my Linux to the Winblows XPlode machine with the printer attached to the parallel port.

Orlando A. Muñoz

P.S.: One of the reasons I like Linux is because it follows standards, open standards, and that guarantees cross-platform compatibility. Don't undermine this.

> sparcky at sparckyremove.com wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I can definitely confirm there is something broken in cups for linux.....
> > I use lpd for a sms queue on an AIX machine.
> >
> > 1.1.15 works perfect.
> > 1.1.17 and up fails without any "explaining error"
> > (tcpdumped the network and trussed the proc, but no luck)
> >
> > I used the cups software on a redhat server and a fedora desktop
> >
> > there was NO change in config between the different cups versions.
> You probably need to add the "?reserve=yes" option to the end of
> the LPD device URI - the default was changed around that time
> because too many users were reporting problems with the backend
> running out of privileged ports (the LPD spec only supports 11
> simultaneous print jobs)
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