notification by events

krzys at krzys at
Wed Apr 20 10:26:04 PDT 2005

Interesting! We need this too :)

Is it the IPP "Event Notifications and Subscriptions" from RFC 3995 ? Or something else?

Do you have a link to some info on that or is it somewhere in the SVN tree ?

Basicaly we are looking for a way to take control of the queue scheduling mechanism from an outside process (local or remote) that would block/unblock/delete/redirect jobs following a set of rules. We need to respond as fast as possible to a new job event, so polling is not an option (even more if it is from a remote server!).

I think it would be usefull for Samba too (to be able to send back the events to the windows box printing on our linux print server).

Looking forward to the 1.2 release !


> Notification support is coming in CUPS 1.2, which will be available
> as a beta release in a month or so.

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