Using OSX binary drivers under *nix

Anonymous anonymous at
Fri Apr 22 09:19:53 PDT 2005

Michael Sweet wrote:
> Stefan R. wrote:
> > [OSX binary drivers under *nix]
> It is conceivable that you could do this on Linux PPC.  For other
> CPUs you would have to emulate (too slow for raster drivers) or
> convert (error-prone) the machine code to run on the local machine.

I see...

> Then you have to support both Tioga and CUPS drivers; the Tioga
> API is not open source, the CUPS API is...

I just realized that there are two printing systems under OSX, I thought cups was the only one... And I bet most consumer printers won't use cups.

> In short, I don't think it is feasible.

Ack. Thanks anyway for your reply!


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