Multiple copies on Cups 1.1.19-75 / Suse 9.0

wazar38 at wazar38 at
Mon Apr 25 06:30:05 PDT 2005


I've just installed the Cups version 1.1.19-75 on my Suse 9.0
It works fine but when I launch 2 consecutive jobs, the second one is printed twice...
I didn't manage to upgrade the cups version via the "Yast"
I wanted to know how I can solve this problem.
Should I install a newer version ? (is the 1.1.23 working on the Suse 9.0 ?)
Or is there a patch for this version ?

I downloaded the rpm of the 1.1.19-97 but it doesn't work either ("not a rpm package or package manifest")

Can somebody help me please ?

Thanks !

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