Can CUPS provides a UI plugin for each printer setting page?

yliu0131 at yliu0131 at
Thu Apr 28 10:20:16 PDT 2005

Is it possible for CUPS to provide a UI plug in for each printer (Like Mac's printer plugin)? Many feature can be supported then (page range, customer page size, accounting, vender specific features, etc)

The UI plug in return a list of options, and CUPS just pass it down. A custom filter script will pick up the options down the stream.  (e.g. foomatic-rip can pick up customer page size. Software like tea4cups provide a pre-post hook also).

The UI plug in can be as easy as a html file, with javascript to generate the option list and store it to a fixed named hidden text field.

CUPS have a link to printername_plugin.html, and user just replace it with their own.


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