trying to bump rhel 3 ws cups 1.1.17 up to 1.1.23 from source

Frank Winans fwinans at
Thu Apr 28 12:32:00 PDT 2005

I'm having problems with long print jobs getting auto-retransmitted
to network printer, and heard this was a timing issue on 1.1.17,
so I got the source file  cups-1.1.23.source.tar from
and untarred it to /u/cups,  did   cd to there and 
  ./configure  ; make all  ;  make install
but now the system {text-mode, not X} console command
redhat-config-printer  doesn't work -- no error messages, 
but it doesn't modify   /etc/cups/printers.conf   file either.

Any advice on how to install/configure this release?   
Do I need to hunt up source to related cups rpm packages and update
them too?

This is a python script, and I can't figure out where the
queue_edit  module is defined {actual disk write is made by 
queue_edit.dynamic_queue_box.write()  function}

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