HP Deskjet 3845 printing mirror images when using ipp

Anonymous anonymous at easysw.com
Thu Apr 28 12:33:18 PDT 2005

> I have set up a HP Deskjet 3845 on my Redhat Fedora 1 box. Using cups(cups-1.1.17-, I created a printer queue and shared it (I specified the type as HP deskjet 3840 in the CUPS gui). I added the printer from my windows XP box and tried printing to it. The output is always coming out as a mirror image. I can print perfectly fine from my linux box, and from my windows box if I share the printer using Samba. But if I use ipp, it is always a mirror image. And no. The mirror image box is not checked. (I even tried checking it once to see if the problem would magically reverse itself, but no luck there.)
> Hellllpp.
> A truly bemused user

I made the same experience with the HP Deskjet 6540 - the solution is dumb simple: during installation within CUPS name the printer NOT HP6540 or somehow CUPS could recognize a HP printer. Doing so you have to go through the questionaire "type of printer" and "type of queue" twice. I named my printer "Farbdrucker" (as I'm german) and everything works as expected: Install "Farbdrucker" in WinXP, select the appropriate drivers from HP - done.

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