[cups.development] How to redirect print job to standard CUPS

Yashwantray Patil yashwantray.patil at celstream.com
Sat Apr 30 05:07:43 PDT 2005

Hi all,
i have a query regarding CUPS Backend . I am writing a custom CUPS backend
in which i get  all the options selected by the user while printing 
and in the backend i want to redirect that job to some other backend ( lets
say IPP backend) with all the options selected by the user . 
And i have created the queue without specifing the IP address ... ie it is
not pointing to any specific printers ... and i am printing using that
so now i want to send that job to some printer with the IP Addesss say using IPP backend in my custom CUPS backend.
Now what should happen is .. the print job should go to the printer with the
specified  IP through IPP backend ... How could i achieve this to be happen?

I tried calling IPP backend with all the command line argument i received in
the custom backed with system() function ... but it got crashed  ..
so i would be thankful to you all  if you help me in this regard ...

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