CUPs network host is busy, will retry in 30secs

lekkie lekkie.aydot at
Mon Aug 1 10:09:59 PDT 2005

I tried settin up a printer on a win2000 machine. I installed the lpr service in the windows component services. I was sure the TCP/IP printer service is started and working.

However, I tried settin up a connection from my linux box to the windows machine. The connection was fine. The followin are the steps I took to set up the CUPS service for the shared printer on a win2000.

I accessed the CUPS service thru http://localhost:631/printers. When it ask for the protocol to use: I chose internet protocol
(ipp://hostname/queue). The queue name I chose was my hostname, and the
hostname in the ipp protocol link was the remote(win2000) hostname.

The set up was without any problem. However, when I tried printing a test page, it said: "network host is busy. will retry in 30 secs"

 This is the message it keeps telling me even for more than one hour.

What could be the prob?

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