[cups.general] cannot invoke a interface script

Martin Kammerlander csad3934 at uibk.ac.at
Wed Aug 3 01:36:27 PDT 2005

Zitat von Martin Kammerlander <csad3934 at uibk.ac.at>:

> Zitat von Johannes Meixner <jsmeix at suse.de>:
> > Did you read the section regarding "FileDevice" in
> > /etc/cups/cupsd.conf and/or in the
> > "CUPS Software Administrators Manual"?
> Yes I did...may I was a bit unprecise with my statement: I have enabeled the
> FileDevive in my cupsd.conf. It works but not with the files of the As400
> I really don't know how to go on further with this problem :(
> I try to reformulate again my problem:
> I think that data which comes from the As400 is "raw" data. It is formatted
> in
> some way but it has no specific type such as ".pdf" etc. I read that raw data
> cannot be filtered and not be send to an interface by cups.
> How can I bring cups for to send this "raw" data to my interface (-script)
> thanks
> martin


I have solved my problem :)

Just uncomment the following lines in /etc/cups/mime.types:

application/vnd.cups-raw	(string(0,<1B>E) + !string(2,<1B>%0B)) \
				string(0,<1B>@) \
				(contains(0,128,<1B>%-12345X) + \
				 (contains(0,1024,"LANGUAGE=PCL") \
				  contains(0,1024,"LANGUAGE = PCL")))

"string(0,<1B>E)" ...this string is exactly what every file contains which comes
from the As400.
In my opinion this string "<1B>E" says that the file to print is in raw format
and therefore is send directly to the printer without any filtering. Also
script interfaces in some way are filters...they cannot be invoked if cups
recognises  the files as raw files.

Is there maybe a better solution? For example to disable this mime type only for
a single print-queue and not for the hole cups. Or is this the only way getting
cups working in that "strange" way I want? ;)


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