[cups.general] cannot invoke a interface script

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Wed Aug 3 03:07:17 PDT 2005


On Aug 3 10:36 Martin Kammerlander wrote (shortened):
> Just uncomment the following lines in /etc/cups/mime.types:
> application/vnd.cups-raw	(string(0,<1B>E) + !string(2,<1B>%0B)) \
> 				string(0,<1B>@) \
> 				(contains(0,128,<1B>%-12345X) + \
> 				 (contains(0,1024,"LANGUAGE=PCL") \
> 				  contains(0,1024,"LANGUAGE = PCL")))
> "string(0,<1B>E)" ...this string is exactly what every file contains which comes
> from the As400.
> In my opinion this string "<1B>E" says that the file to print is in raw format
> and therefore is send directly to the printer without any filtering. Also
> script interfaces in some way are filters...they cannot be invoked if cups
> recognises  the files as raw files.

If a print file starts with <1B>E it is the PCL reset command
and then it is assumed that it is a PCL file and PCL is
printer specific format and printer specific format must
not be filtered (because it is already printer specific).

> Is there maybe a better solution? For example to disable this mime type only for
> a single print-queue and not for the hole cups. Or is this the only way getting
> cups working in that "strange" way I want? ;)

Find a more specific but constant string in the As400 print files.
Then add a new mime type which matches to this specific string.
Have in mind that all mime types in all /etc/cups/*.types files
are combined an tested in alphabetical order and the resulting
mime type is the first match.
I.e. your new mime type name must apperar in alphabetical order
before application/vnd.cups-raw.
For example application/as400 may be a good mime type name.

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