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Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Aug 5 06:50:32 PDT 2005

Anonymous wrote:
> Hi!
> although i have been reading the CUPS docs and Johannes Meixner's i still fail to set up a new mime type.
> many lines of my input data start out with Hex<10>, followed by printable characters. the first line is either "<10>$03EXRV 2.1" or it starts out with "#OPRT(" followed only by printable characters.
> in my ppd - file i do already have a definition for a special application to process my data "*cupsFilter: "text/plain 0 /opt/detec/lsoft/bin/lscups""
> all my attempts to set up new mime types in "mime.types" for my data and adding "*cupsFilter" entries to my ppd failed. The only way i got a little success was for the "#OPRT(..." case: i changed the line "text/plain txt printable(0,1024)" to "text/plain txt printable(0,1024) string(0,"#OPRT(")" in mime.types. then everything woked fine. but i still can't process data starting out with <10> and i would prefer not to change "text/plain" in "mime.types" globally on the server.
> can anybody help me out?

What you want to do is add a new /etc/cups/lsoft.types file with:

     application/x-lsoft string(0,<10>$03EXRV 2.1) string(0,#OPRT()

and then reference that type in your cupsFilter line:

     *cupsFilter: "application/x-lsoft 0 /opt/detec/lsoft/bin/lscups"

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