few printer listed

Eli Spizzichino es at javanet.info
Fri Aug 5 10:42:06 PDT 2005

Hi all,
I have a weird problem in two (gentoo) computer running cups 1.1.23-r1 +
gimp-print 5.0.0_beta4 (tested also with 4.2.7) my epson 2100 doesn't
get listed at all and very few printers are listed like when gimp-print
is not installed at all. I've tried to reinstall and remove /etc/cups,
and change the Bios DMA for parallel port (epp+ecp) but the problem
didn't go away and I come to the conclusion is not an hardware problem.
However in another host I have no problem with the same version
of softwares. Kernel is compiled with the support for paralel port. I
hope someone has some hint here I have sent an  email at epson  linuxprinting.org gimp-print list but got no reply...

Besides this I have poor color quality whit both version of gimp-print
(stable and beta). In general color seems really dull, and most of the
driver setting seems inefective, the result is unaceptable and completly
different from what is espected. I had to install window just to make
a quality print :/

thanks in advance for any help

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