Unauthorized requests

David Rericha drericha at hmocpc.com
Fri Aug 5 13:45:39 PDT 2005

Dear Forum Members:

I am trying to print to a cups 1.1.20 server from another workstation.  However, all my print jobs are being rejected.  The error_log reads:

d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] AcceptClient(lis=0x808ba50) 0 NumClients = 0
D [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] AcceptClient: 5 from
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] AcceptClient: Adding fd 5 to InputSet...
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] ReadClient() 5, used=0, file=-1
D [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] ReadClient() 5 POST /printers/hp1300 HTTP/1.1
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] decode_auth(0x40465008): Authorization string = ""
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] decode_auth() 5 username=""
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] IsAuthorized: con->uri = "/printers/hp1300"
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] FindBest: uri = "/printers/hp1300"...
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] FindBest: Location CUPS_INTERNAL_BROWSE_ACL Limit 0
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] FindBest: Location / Limit 7f
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] FindBest: Location /admin Limit 7f
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] FindBest: Location /printers Limit 7f
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] FindBest: best = "/printers"
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] IsAuthorized: auth = 1, satisfy=0...
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] ReadClient: Unauthorized request for /printers/hp1300...
D [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] SendError() 5 code=403 (Forbidden)
D [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] CloseClient() 5
d [05/Aug/2005:15:17:13 -0500] CloseClient: Removing fd 5 from InputSet and OutputSet...

I have granted permission to the /printers directory via ip's:

<Location /printers>
  Order Allow,Deny
  Allow From
  Allow From
  Allow From 192.168.3.*
  Deny From ALL

What am I missing?  Any help would be appreciated.


David J. Rericha

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