"Printer disabled" - how to prevent it?

Anonymous anonymous at easysw.com
Mon Aug 8 07:35:52 PDT 2005

> Mangoo wrote:
> > ...
> > Is there a setting in CUPS configuration that would prevent this issue?
> No.
> The error message that the printer was not responding, not connected,
> or not turned on when you printed the job.  CUPS treats that as a
> fatal error and stops the printer until you can correct the situation.

But this "feature" is a commonly reported bug as I can see on this forum, and when looking on google.
Funny enough, on some setups I'm unable to reproduce it, even when I disabled the printer, and started to print after that.

So to be precise: did you mean it happens when:

1) user started to print (i.e., 10-page document) and the printer is ON
2) someone turned the printer off (or disconnected, etc.), and we have a half-printed document

And it won't happen when:

1) printer is OFF
2) someone starts to print


> CUPS 1.2 will add notification support (it will tell you when a
> printer goes down) and error policies so that you can tell CUPS to
> retry errors like this...

When will this happen?

So the best way so far is to add "/usr/bin/enable PRINTERNAME" to cron and run it every few minutes (as it makes no harm to enable an already enabled printer)?


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