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Daniel Kasak dkasak at nusconsulting.com.au
Wed Aug 10 19:27:08 PDT 2005

Eli Spizzichino wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a weird problem in two (gentoo) computer running cups 1.1.23-r1 +
> gimp-print 5.0.0_beta4

Gentoo has some serious issues with installing gimp-print drivers.
Serious issues.

Uninstall cups and gimp-print.

Add the following USE flags to your /etc/make.conf:

gimpprint cups ppds foomaticdb foomatic usb

Now emerge cups and gimp-print ( in that order ) again. You should get a 
*large* list of drivers ( ppds ) available if it worked. If it didn't, 
head over to the Gentoo forums, search for gimpprint and cups, and keep 
following instructions from various posts until it works. Then submit a 
bug at bugs.gentoo.org to make them fix it :)

> Besides this I have poor color quality whit both version of gimp-print
> (stable and beta). In general color seems really dull, and most of the
> driver setting seems inefective, the result is unaceptable and completly
> different from what is espected.

If you don't have the right ppd, then yes things could look dull. When 
you get gimpprint + ppds installed, you should get a large list of 
options for configuring output. Crank up the quality, and select text & 
graphics instead of just text. It should work a lot better then. The 
gimpprint drivers are supposed to be particularly high quality, so don't 
give up until you're satisfied.


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