Default printer for lpq

Christoph Bartoschek bartoschek at
Thu Aug 11 02:02:59 PDT 2005


I wonder how lpq deterimines the default printer. lpq does not print a
version info, but it is from cups 1.1.15.

In my .lpoptions I have the entry:  "Default lp1".

My home directory is shared between several computers.  When I run lpq on
the machine which also is the cups server I get

lp5 is ready
no entries

When I run lpq on other machines I get 

lp1 is ready
no entries

as excepted.

Now, how can I achieve that lp1 is the default printer on the cups machine?
Or where to look for the setting that lp5 is taken instead of lp1? 

The weird thing is, that on the cups server  lp4 is the default printer and
not lp5.

Christoph Bartoschek

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