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Fri Aug 12 00:29:59 PDT 2005

I have a very technical question that I hope someone can help me with.

The explination is long so please be patient, here goes.

I have an old Epson FX-880+ dot matrix printer.  I currently use WordPerfect under Unix to printer labels 1.5" heigh x 3" wide to this printer.

I would like to change to Linux & OpenOffice.

Under WordPerfect I specify a page size of 1.5x3, printer the label text and everything works OK.

Under OpenOffice I specify the same page size.  On screen I can see the page is the size I want it, but when I print the label text is printed and then the printer feeds another 1.5".

I believe this happens because the minimum page length I can set physically on the printer via the control panel or via the PPD file is 3", so when I print my 1.5" job then printer then form feeds another 1.5' making a total of 3", but leaving a blank label.

If I create a file that contains the following ESC/P esc code  ESC C 6  and print the file using lpr -P label-printer -l file  nothing happend but the printer now have a form length of 1.5".  If I now print my label under OpenOffice everything work fine.

However, if i turn the printer off the esc code is lost and things don't work again.

so now the question.

How can I make the file i've created be automatically printed raw each time a job is printed via the label-printer queue.

I've experimented with banners but I can't seem to make a banner print raw when the main print job is not raw.

I guess the banner could be postscript that cups will filter to the printer, but i'm no PS expert and don't know the right commands to set the page length to 1.5".

I hope someone can help, & sorry again for the long explination.


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