xp ipp doesn't work

Terence terence at norrayhk.com
Sun Aug 14 09:07:58 PDT 2005

I have a samba + cups (fedora-c2) print server connected 10 printers laser jet, dot matrix, ink jet... and work with windows 98 se and xp sp1/sp2 over 50 workstations. This is no any problem on that solution.

Recently, I want bypass samba change workstations configuration using IPP connect printer directly. I did success that on 98 after I installed IPP client that download from m$, however does not work on xp workstation!?

The xp "spoolsv.exe" should be got CPU 100% when I add new ipp printer then xp copied driver files but not finish yet, CPU usage never release until system reboot. I tried fedora-c3 and debian still not solved.

I come from HK my workstations is Chinese Traditional

Anyone have any ideas?

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