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John A. Murdie john at
Mon Aug 15 03:05:51 PDT 2005

> The 4 page spec PDF does not tell anything on ipp or http printing. Perhaps you try the
> socket or hpnpf backend instead (using port 9100).
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Thank you for your reply, I guess by "4 page spec PDF" you mean Oce's product specification sheet for the "(3145/3155/3165)E Release 8.1" printers. (Complicated path to this from omitted.) Yes, no mention of IPP, though Oce assure me that it is implemented. A simple case of Oce's marketing department being out of touch with technological trends and the needs of its customers, I think. One of their better technical people tells me that the 31x5Es implement IPP, but that he has not tested it himself. The technical document I referred to in my last E-mail describes IPP printing from Windows.

Alas, I can't use the 'socket' or 'hpnpf' (HP network peripheral filter) drivers from CUPS with an Oce 31x5 printer, as both use 'port 9100' AppSocket printing which our Oces do not implement - though the current Oce printer specification sheets say that they do. I think this may be something that has been added since we obtained our printers. (I remember being most frustated when we obtained the Oces that the Oce sales people didn't know what AppSocket or IPP was!) We have been using our Oce's Berkeley LPR (port 515) printer implementation in order to drive them (it works ok), but I'd like to switch to IPP in order to benefit from the possibility of security and real-time page accounting that that offers. At the minute, we have to use the accounting mechanism of the printer itself, which means that manual oversight is necessary.

I'll continue talking to Oce about this. At least their UK technical support Department now knows that CUPS exists!

John A. Murdie
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University of York

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