[cups.general] Stopping autodisabling of queues at printer toubles

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Mon Aug 15 07:58:59 PDT 2005

Try this one:


This is a wrapper around the CUPS backends which I have scribbled 
together some days ago. Usage instructions are in the beginning of the file.

With this you can configure the CUPS backend error handling. You can

- Retry on backend failure, a certain amount of tims or infinitely often

- Set a time interval between retries

- Let the backend always exit with zero so that the queue never gets

- Configuration is on a by-queue basis. So you can treat for example
   desktop printers and network printers differently.

Please tell whether this meets your needs.

Happy printing


Anonymous wrote:
> Hello,
> a normal user may here not configure CUPS. But currently, CUPS always disables the queue when the printer does not react. This is usually the case either if paper is empty or if the Postscript interpreter has troubles.
> As a user one can then easily refill the paper or restart the printer, but one cannot enable the queue.
> Currently, the following workaround is used: Enable all the queues via cron. But this is not the proper solution.
> Before, using LPRng, the daemon has simply retried until the printing succeeded.
> How can I do this in CUPS?
> Tobias
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