Cups on SCO OpenServer 5.0.7

jeff.stlouis at jeff.stlouis at
Mon Aug 15 09:04:14 PDT 2005


I'm having a bit of an issue with cups on SCO OpenServer 5.0.7.

I have completed setting up all my printers from the command line interface, all is working well here.

The problem I'm having though is when I log on remotely to manage cups via the Web Browser interface, the very top menu does not display, but works fine if I log on via a Web Browser on the server itself.

I can access the classes, jobs and printers via the links below, but cannot seem to figure out why the top menu does not display.

It displays with an icon on the left hand side, the same icon you would see when an image cannot be displayed, and beside it it Common UNIX Printing System.  It's the bar at the top of the Page that displays the following:   ESP  Administration  Classes  Help  Jobs  Printer  Software

But as I mentioned, you can access the classes, jobs and printers from the links below.

Any suggestions on how I may fix this.  Am I missing something in the cupsd.conf?

Also, I figured out how to limit access to jobs, manage classes, manage printers, but cannot figure out how to limit access to Add a Printer or Add a Class...

Any suggestions on this as well?

I'm fairly new to cups, so any help would be very much appreciated.

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