Paper tray selecting?

Joe Trent jtrent at
Tue Aug 16 07:01:26 PDT 2005

Helge Blischke wrote:
> AnDY wrote:
>>Hi everybody
>>Can you help me?I have problem with printig on a specific paper tray.
>>I have HP LaserJet 4100 PS printer on a network (JetDirect) and I have 2 paper trays - first is smaller second is bigger.I am trying to print on selected tray but it doesnt work it always take paper from the same - the smaller one. I downloaded newest driver but nothng diffrent happens.
>>I try to use option like: -o itray=tray2 .
>>I have CentOS 3.5 with installed cups from the distribution and I setup printers using redhat-config-printer utility.
>>I dont know what else I should try or what I am doing wrong.
>>Please help.
> The printer +presumably has a web interface for administration and configuration.
> I suspect the input tray autoselect is on; try to disable it.
> What - from my experience - seems always to work is to configure the input trays
> to hold specific paper types and then select the propoer media type in the print command.
> Helge


Here is a sample of what gets sent from my interface:

lp -s -dHP4101 -ocpi=17 -oportrait -oPageSize=Letter -oInputSlot=Tray2

I'm thinking that the InputSlot= doesn't do anything--the Letter/Legal 
PageSize setting controls the tray selection.


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