CUPS Stops Print Queue (should it?)

Michael Sweet mike at
Wed Aug 17 17:17:54 PDT 2005

Anonymous wrote:
> ...
> What is the worst that could happen?  The scheduler enters a retry
> loop, and the backend fails again.  How is this worse than shutting
> ...

The worst-case scenario is a denial-of-service which prints a lot
of duplicate pages.  I actually am working on a support call right
now for a file that is crashing a PostScript printer - if we did
the retry-by-default behavior, you'd use up all of your paper
and a lot of toner for errors like that.

Again, there is no way for us to determine the cause of the error
and so we take a conservative approach.

>> You'll be happy to know that CUPS 1.2 adds an error policy
>> attribute which allows you to configure how CUPS handles these
>> errors...
> Cool.  What is the release date?  And where is this feature
> documented?

Sometime this fall, and there is no documentation for it yet.

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